Sunday, 17 August 2014

Book Boyfriend

Every bookworm girl have a book boyfriend. Don't you agree? If not join me, lol, I have a book boy crush; it's none other than BLAKE EATON!!! (ignore my fan girling or you can join in).  
This is The Smirking Jerk by DarknessAndLight on Wattpad and spin off of I Sold Myself To Devil For Vinyls, Pitiful I know.
Don't read 'The Smirking Jerk" if you haven't read I Sold.....that will be huge Spoiler.
It's been four years when I've first read I Sold...., and have read many  books with great book guys, but no one could take Blakey Boy's place, just no one :D
I know he is fictional, but he will be my boy crush forever and ever!!
He will not be my boyfriend as he has Lexi Grayson, and I can't think him thinking anything other than his 'Pumpkin'. He has pinned over her for so many years and they are perfect for each other.
You will be thinking they are just fictional couple but then he is also fictional.
I'm not the only one fangirling over BLAKE FREAKING EATON!!!!, there are many girls out there who know what I'm talking about, so big waves and screams to them.
You will never know what I'm talking about unless you have read I Sold..., so just go start reading Now!
Thanks Mommy Kay [ DarknessAndLight ] for giving us Blake Eaton!!
So, this is dedicated to you Mommy Kay <3 <3