Monday, 11 August 2014

Author DelSheree Gladden

Hi! Today I'm writing about one my fav, fav and fav author. As you know from the title it's Author DelSheree Gladden.

DelSheree Gladden is author of genre Young Adult and Contemporary. Her writing has a wide range of you would love. The author you would read blindly anything even without reading the blurb, she is that author for me.

How I came to know about her? Which book of her I read that made me her stalker? ;)

Well, it was on Wattpad, and the book I read is Invisble (#1 The Aerling Series) and I drowned in her writing. She is an amazing author and one day I'm so going to read her each and every book and series. She is the only author I've read more than one series of books. If I start about her I'll go on and on.
  She interact with her readers, that is one of the pro point. I never thought I'll ever be in contact with her. She is the reason I started writing reviews and discovered more about the world of Authors and Readers. The bonding between them, so I wanna thank her for that. THANK YOU!!! DELSHEREE :D

How that happened?
It was because of Goodreads, I was new on the site and was just looking around and learning and BAM! I found Invisible there with the Author profile. So, I sent her request and obviously became fan, but it took me a few days to gather my courage to write a message to her, I was so going haywire with excitement and nervousness, how should I start my message, and not offend her, I tend to do that without meaning it as I phrase my sentences.

So, you will be thinking what I said, Oh! and yes I did send her the message. It was about Intangible (#2 The Aerling Series) as it was removed from Wattpad due to it was being published, Woohoo! Ain't that awesome, and I only read half of it and I was dying to know what will happen, so I asked her if she will be able to post it back on wattpad (as I didn't knew about it that the book was published) and I didn't really expect to get a return answer as there will be many fans writing to her and it being lost between them. I got a return message, YaaY! Just think your fav author answering to your message, Lol, I was so bragging to my friends even though they weren't really listening to me as in my excitement I repeated so much then to my parents, they were shaking there heads.

She asked me if I can write a review, and I thought what should I do, I've never written a review and how to write, so many what if's. I thought of saying no but my inner reader and curiosity to know further won( I wasn't killed ;) ). After two more exchange  of messages I got Intangible!! I started again and I completed both of them in approx three days, the second book was double than Invisible. The messages with DelSheree have been saved, I'll never delete them; my first conversation with her and I get the same thrill and excitement when I re-read them.

I've read many more of DelSheree's books of different series and they are awesome, so different from each other, I'll never get over her writing, she have trapped me and I'm enjoying being there. Hope she writes much more and I hope to keep up with her writing , lol, she is a Bullet Writer, She is Super Author, being a mother, writer and a dentist. <3

And if you want to start reading her books, then all the first books in each series ( The Aerling Series, The Destroyer's Trilogy, Escaping Fate Series, Twin Souls and SomeOne Wicked This Way Comes Series) are free at all ebook platforms. I'm NOT Responsible if you can't find your way out of her books! -_-