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Here is the review of second book in 'The Aerling Series' by DelSheree Gladden

Intangible (The Aerling Series, #2)Intangible by DelSheree Gladden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. *
Intangible is the second installment in Aerling series, Invisible being the first. The plot starts after where the first book ended. The story line just sucked me in. Many things about Aerlings got revealed, many questions from first book got answered.
The book is a whorl wind of emotions. I felt every emotion of characters. The love between Mason and Olivia and their love for their family and friends. The intent of going to extreme for the safety of each other. The emotions were so raw that I could not escape it.
Then the thrill, the danger, scared of the unknown whether they could make to Aerling world intact or they will fail. The question about who to trust. The twists and turn, when some questions got answered, that raise a whole new set of others.
Mason and Olivia are the best. Evie is just awesome, her being outspoken just adds humor to the story. Adding the lie detector and the master thief Molly to the story is just adorable and because of her it showed other side of Mason of being protective older brother, and he found a piece of his real family. Then Hayden no one would have thought of him being an Escort and him helping Olivia and his feelings for her and his selflessness made him a hero. I knew there was something fishy about Robin but I would have never thought of her as a traitor, and in the end change of view of Montogmery family.
Despite the the danger of Sentinels and their attacks, Mason's learning the abilities in order to return to his world in small time and Olivia to learn her abilities of Escort which seemed impossible but they overcame it by entering the Aerling world but that is another start of their journey to save both worlds. It is just start of their adventure.
The book is just great. I don't have words for it, I am speechless. When I completed the book I just sat there and stared at the monitor for almost fifteen minutes trying to control the thrill and emotions of the story.
Great story!!! Loved it.

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