Friday, 29 August 2014

Review of Escaping Fate (#1 Escaping Fate Series)

Escaping FateEscaping Fate by DelSheree Gladden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! I'm really speechless. First I was weary at first and stalled reading Escaping Fate, I don't remember why now but I want smack myself into a wall right next to me for delaying it so long.
It was there on my kindle(and it is free if you haven't noticed) and I just thought to read it anyways, I love Author DelSheree Gladden's books and I knew I would not be disappointed. So, I started reading and in first few chapters it totally got me hooked and I was looking forward to read it one sitting if not for sleeping and my college.
Her dream spooked me, as I started reading kinda midnight,but not in a bad way. You will like it, I was enjoying the thrill and anticipation to find out more and hoping she comes out unscathed from the curse. The description were vivid, I was able to feel her fear, her emotions.
When I couldn't read due to my college I thought, how the story is going to unfold.
Arrabella first came out bratty but to think from her point of view I would have been same, but as story proceeded, I could see her strength and to sacrifice herself to remove the lifelong curse, that's great. Her Grandfather is a hero. He is awesome.
The story had suspense, mystery and sweet romance between Arrabella and Tanner.
This is awesome and it don't end on cliffhanger, I was so dreading it with when I was in the last step of the book and didn't wanted to finish it already. I was craving for more even before it ended. Going to start Soul Stone. Yay!!
This story is a must read!

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