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Rising Series by Holly Kelly

Hi! Today I'm telling about a new author I've found, well a month ago but I read her books: Rising and Descending and bam one more author in my fav list and I'd read any of their without reading synopsis.
I won those book in a giveaway, I think two months ago. You could find 'Rising' free on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles (don't know about other sites). 
These both comes in NA genre and they are clean and addictive. 
I completed both books in three days, I couldn't think any other thing other than what's going to happen. 
Ooooh!!! It's Rising's One Year Anniversary and there is giveaway's going on, just click Here and Join.

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1. Rising 

Rising (Rising, #1)Rising by Holly Kelly
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm speeeechless, I don't know what to say. The story not only got me hooked in the first chapter but it got better, awesome and mind blowing. I didn't read the synopsis but the tag line got me and I wanted to know more as the cover to tagline captured my attention.
The story is just WoW!!! I'm having this big grin on my face just thinking about the whole adventure and mystery.
It has POV's of different characters, just to give slight glimpse to some clues and have you glued to the story.
Xanthus!! Aaaahhh! OMG!! He is just awesomest awesome and my new book boyfriend. Just thinking about has me grinning. He is so freaking sweet and in love with Sara, which is adorable. In beginning he tried/thought to kill her but he couldn't, Of course he couldn't!
"Sagana po parant poli mi landana, patdrép ma?"
It's in Atlantis language, which you will find out once you read it said by Xanthus to Sara.
I first disliked Sara's mother for being so rude, but after getting to know her I can understand Sara saying she loved her mother but couldn't live with her,lol., I like her now.
"Sara Elizabeth Taylor, don't listen to that fish in the mud. A morning swim is good for you."
She made me laugh and her antics are sometimes funny.
I've not started second book, I'd have but I would have mixed somethings from the second part in this review, otherwise I'd have just started after I finished reading Rising.
I'm looking forward to know more about Nicole and Triton (Sara's parents)in Descending if I'm guessing correct.
This is definitely a must read!!!!!

2. Descending

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Descending (Rising, #2)Descending by Holly Kelly
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay! could this get any better?, well that's not a question at all. It wasn't better it was AWESOME BABY!!! I don't know any awesome word other than awesome,lol.
OMG!!!!!!!! I don't have words. Author Holly Kelly have left me speechless again and I'm much more in love with this series after reading Descending. This is a definitely a must read. I always say this at the end but I'm going to add a spoiler in the end, so you may want to stop(it's in the last parah). This book and the series is awesome and I'm 100% sure everyone will also love when they will read this. I mainly try not to write spoilers but I just can't, I think stomach without bursting out to anyone near me, who is totally clueless about what I'm talking about.
This story is about Gretchen and Kyros best friends of Sara and Xanthus. If you have read the first book you will be craving to know more about Sara and Xanthus, you will not miss them at all in this and to see them from someone else's POV.
I so much enjoyed this, you will find me gushing about everything and everyone except Wicked witch(or mermaid) Aella.
Sara learning to be part of sea world,lol.
Kyros frowned, looking at the tubes in Xanthus's hands. "You really need to teach your mermaid the difference between pod juice and sea-slug repellent."
Xanthus is and will always be Awesomest awesome!!!.
You're fool if you think husbands can be happy with a miserable wife. Do you think you could be happy knowing Gretchen was unhappy."
Obviously this story is about Gretchen and Kyros but I can't help not to write about Sara and Xanthus.
I liked Gretchen in Rising but I love her now. She is strong-headed, independent woman who wouldn't take a darn(excuse my language) from any one with a beautiful heart. She had me when she threatened that man. She nailed it!
"Mr. Tollman," she whispered,"you may have won this, but if you hurt your daughter again, you will regret it. You might as well take a gun and put a bullet in your head."
She is fierce and made laugh too.
Gretchen frowned. She had no idea why Sara catered to the ornery gorilla.
Then there is Kyros, whom I didn't liked in the beginning as he accused Sara to bewitch Xanthus, but he was just looking out for his best friend. He have proved he is a loyal friend in Rising. He is amazing and so perfect for Gretchen; and their banters, lol.
"Don't worry,"he said "This is child's play. Gotta go." He shot through the water, heading straight for the beast.
Gretchen didn't know what kind of childhood he had, but it couldn't have been a good one.

I could go on and on and on, I loved so many things. My guess in Rising was so wrong,lol. I got unexpected and that's the best surprise. And I so didn't expected Gretchen to be mermaid!! (bam the spoiler) when I stared reading.
I couldn't wait for the third book, fourth and many more. I've to wait patiently, very, very patiently......

So, don't forget to join the Giveaway, you may have chance to win Signed PB's of both books and many other prizes. Also Rising is free.

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