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Destroyer's Trilogy by DelSheree Gladden

Books in order
 #1 Inquest (free on ebook stores and can be found on Wattpad too)
#2 Secret of Betrayal
#3 Darkening Chaos

I'm really sad this series is over. This series is definitely a must read, you would not miss it. It's best! It seems I can't let the story go, and I don't want too. The Awesome Series!!!

Libby Sparks is  Cassia The Destroyer, one and only person who will destroy the world. There is prophecy when she will reach age 18, her powers will reach it's full potential and no one can stand against her. She have all the seven talents; Naturalism, Spiritualism, Vision, Perception, Concealment, Speed and Strength. She is not supposed to live beyond the age of 16, when her all talents got unlocked in the Inquest, but due to power greedy person the President let her live. His biggest mistake. If she have to live beyond 18, she have to prove to all the people she is not going to destroy the world. But will she be able to escape her destiny or will she embrace it? In all chaos, betrayals, and finding about herself, it's a thrilling journey. You will love to be on her journey with Libby.
Reviews may have spoilers.

Review of Inquest

Inquest: Volume 1 of the Destroyer TrilogyInquest: Volume 1 of the Destroyer Trilogy by DelSheree Gladden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow it's that only I feel. The story end just left me wanting more. The story is so unpredictable, I couldn't even assume what is going to happen. When I thought I know what will happen just then another twist. It totally got me hooked. I was up till 1 in the morning, the story from middle got so intriguing that I couldn't stop from finishing it. I totally loved Inquest, I am looking forward to read the series. DelSheree you are awesome your other books that I read are also just great. I am going to read all your other stories, I just can't get enough of your writing.:)

Well I finished reading Inquest, well again. And I love it even more, it's just awesome.This is my second time reading review and it contain's spoiler but not that will give away the plot.
It's been months when I first read it. Now it's different as I know what will happen but I really enjoyed it. I disliked Lance even though I know he will come back to Libby but I can't help it, well it's not as strong as I read first time but I enjoyed and love Milo, lol as at first was suspicious of his intentions, but this time I knew so I loved his shrugging behavior as I can picture him. Now also I'm saying it's a definitely read.

Review of Secret of Betrayal

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Secret of Betrayal (Destroyer, #2)Secret of Betrayal by DelSheree Gladden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I received the copy in exchange of an honest review.*
I don't want so much well because I have finished reading Darkening Chaos. I just couldn't post my review as my net was not working, it's good I wrote down what I felt. I will post the same thing.
Darn! it ended :( but I don't mind *evil grin* I've third book to devour.
When I first read Inquest, after completing I zoomed to Smashwords to read first 20% of the book which after being through 3 chaps I realized it was third book. For that I stalled reading the Trilogy, till I forgot details. So I started now book two is out of the way and on book three.
I just can't put in words, and scared and excited about book three, it will end and afraid to let it go.
I don't want to dislike Milo and want Libby with him but Branden is that awesome, with whole things to find out and the chaos and anticipation, the prophecy and decision to choose between Braden and Milo it's a whole roller coaster ride.
The betrayal, I'd never have guessed it would be him and I don't feel betrayed with Libby.
Beauty in aftermath of Destruction. This line just stuck with me and I believe in it too.
It's definitely a must read

Review of Darkening Chaos

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Darkening Chaos (Destroyer, #3)Darkening Chaos by DelSheree Gladden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

* I received copy in exchange of honest review. *
I'm sad it ended, I'm so not ready to give it up and let them go. It's 5 in the morning, it' okay it's Sunday, I know I'll have book hangover in every sense physically and emotionally. This whole series was emotional roller coaster for me.
Every secrets getting revealed purposes and it coming to an end.
It was perfect and I love how it ended all lose end tying up. Knowing what will happen with characters from outside and being happy you already guessed. I was happy enjoyed the whole adventure being on edge and scared if your fav and most connected character dies.
That happens, darn it I knows he betrayed and joined opposite side but I connected with him in first part and didn't much like him in second and disliked what he did in this part, but that doesn't mean I wanted him dead. It was really difficult to Love or Hate him, but I love him even being a little vindictive.
When I read what Milo was doing and he died, I stopped reading and cried and sobbed and am now too just thinking.
The emotional stall on me.
She chose Branden I love him, I was going to choose him in the last book only, he is awesome!!!!
It ended perfectly and hope really really hope there is story about Libby and Branden's child. I'm not giving away whether the baby is girl or boy, you have to find that out.
It's absolutely a definitely a must read Trilogy. I highly recommend it.
I will read this Trilogy again and again but I want time, but it's re-read Trilogy.

It's over but I'm not giving up, and you will know why when you finish the book. Enjoy and I know you will and you will get hooked and wouldn't care and would not want to come out too.

Happy reading!
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