Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Curves Ahead 

The Curves Ahead by Blondeanddangerous. Woaow!! The story is awesome. I've came across it recently, and I like it. I completed all twenty four chapters in one sitting. It's not completed yet, it's getting updated. I don't know when but it get's updated once a week. 
The story is about an overweight woman, and how she overcomes her insecurities. It may seem there are many stories like that, but it not only about the main character overcoming her insecurities, there are many other issues highlighted. The story is well written and I enjoyed it.

The last stop of their trip, in that the author have written her trips so, lol I don't have word but it's perfect. Happiness should not depend on anything, even a small thing cuz if it's lost you will be unhappy, that's so true. Happiness shouldn't depend on anything.

I recommend this book, it's a must read and it's on top in What's Hot list on Wattpad