Sunday, 28 December 2014


Woohoo! I'm back. My sems are over, November was hectic, with projects, assignments and then sems in December. But that doesn't mean I stopped reading. I just can't help myself. Even when sems where going on I atleast read two to three chaps of a story mostly the stories which got updated on wattpad; only them or I don't think I would have stopped form devouring the book :P But anywho, here is one which I read.

Mailboy by foreversmilin is one of my fav on wattpad now. I had started reading from beginning,but after two or three chaps, it took the updates stopped. So, after that I forgot about the story. I remembered when the updates started but didn't continued cuz I wanted to read in one sitting. And now it have 25 chaps. I know it is not complete but the story gets updated time to time, so not complaining.

The story is well written and I had it in my library because the author captured me from the prologue. So it was in my library.The story has humor, which I love reading and the story is cool. It's a light read. A definitely enjoyable read.  And now it is #3 in Romance. Wooo! Coool! I love this story and recommend it to any one who like to read teen fics.

Here is the blurb of Mailboy

"You're not my boss."
 "Actually, I kind of am."
Zoey Hunter was always one to hold herself up to a high standard, and it showed. Her
abundance of friends, perfect grades, and almost ideal family reflected her hard work,
making her an object of jealousy for many.
 But there was more to Zoey than what met the eye-hidden underneath the pressure to 
uphold her practically perfect image, was a girl determined to express herself. And 
did just that with two most unlikely hobbies that one could have-paint and delivering 
 Then she discovered Nico Forrest, a cocky British Boy forced to get a job at his local
post office, and the two were forced to bond over morning mail delivery. Soon. they 
saw each other much more often than they would have liked to.
 What could go wrong? Everything. 

 And my fav para from the prologue:

I hate the way you smile, and your stupid dimples. I hate your laugh, because it's unnerving. I hate your eyes, because they always sparkle, I mean, what you put some sort of sparkling thingy on them?

 Lol! there are many of lines from the story I like but can't find them right now. Love the story, a definitely must read!