Thursday, 21 May 2015

Review of The Dragon Chronicles Anthology 


I love dragons, who doesn't just look at toothless ;) Below is my review for Dragon Chronicles Anthology, which has different Dragon short stories which will leave you thinking of Dragon world and wistful thinking what if they were real?

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****4.5 stars****
Foreword by Samuel Peralta, got me in the mood and shifted myself to ancient world of myths where Dragons walk the earth and made me believe in them.

I liked the guide about what I should know about dragons in Ten Things You Should Know About Dragons by Elle Casey.

Of Sand and Starlight by Daniel Arenson, the main character is strong headed and independent and don't want to get abandoned like her parents did. Going through so much hardships and not trusting anybody in fear to get heartbroken and being weary of others, am so going to read the main story and know what happens later in her life.

My fav Tasty Dragon Meat by K.J. Colt. From the title I wasn't sure whether I want to read but damn the story became my fav! How the main character is flawed and is selfish but for his child and love what he does is really nice(ugh can't find the appropriate word.

Transparency by Alex Albrinck, I got little confused in the middle but I liked the story.

Another fav is Sacrifice by David Adams it was heart breaking, the whole story was vivid and am looking forward to know about main story of it is prequel of. The pic down make me think of this story, you will know when you read the book, it's def must read!

It's Time to Change by Terah Edun, when I finished I didn't knew I finished the story lol. I'm intrigued to know what happens with Vedaris, will he be able to harness the magic and what will happen?Interesting story.

Dragon Play by Ted Cross, okay this is my another fav story. Freako I love it!! It was scary and releaving in the end. Felt realistic and was horrifying. Had me hold my breath the moment the door closed.

A Diversion in Time by Nina Croft, I liked this story, it was cool. Dragon tale with a mix of sci-fi, awesome!

The Book of Safkhet by Kim Wells. This is an unique story which made me wonder if something like that would may have happened. People or sorta coming from different planet or Venus to ours before any evolution on Earth was taken place and being a part it, really cool!! I liked it!!

Grey by Chris Pourteau, loved it. Story of friendship between a dragon and a girl, beautiful! And how dragons came into the world!And the pic below describes this story.

The Storymaster by Vincent Trigili, loved it. After finishing the story I felt peaceful. It was like my grandpa was narrating the story and I was listening and was swept into the story. And def on my tbr list silverleaf chronicles.

Judgement by Monica Enderle Pierce, I liked it and how all wrapped up. Sad about sheriff. Totally cool story of Dragons and Cowboys, a different mix but enjoyed it!

Wow all stories were enjoyable and transported me to world of Dragons which I didn't wanted to escape. To be in the book and live among them. I love dragons but haven't read many stories but this chronicles was cool with all the awesome Dragon stories wrapped together. It was fun to go through all this adventures. And this is the first time I'm reading an Anthology and it was a great read! Definitely a must read.
I got the book in exchange of an honest review.

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