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Release Day of  The Z Chronicles Anthology and Review


Zombies, we usually get this pic in mind; nasty half dead people trying to eat our minds and turn us into something like them. 
Or we just think of Walking Dead (though haven't watched it yet) or Resident Evil (My fav and first movie with zombies. Isn't Alice awesome!!). We who love apocalypse fics or movies like to think we will be prepared when this comes up on us. Well I'd like to think that. In this chronicles there are different types of Z Apoc that could happen. It have fourteen different stories ranging from being a zombie with a conscience and getting cured after being a zombie or fighting it or how it all differently started. So Below is the blurb and my short review of each story.





Z. Among the most monstrous creations of our imaginations, the zombie terrifies with its capacity to pursue its prey unrelentingly, to run it down, exhaust it to surrender.

In this title in the acclaimed Future Chronicles series of speculative fiction anthologies, fourteen authors confront that nightmare, that horrific mirror of ourselves turned base, soulless, and hungry.

My Review 


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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Foreword by Samuel Peralta
"We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.”– Stephen King
Starting with that quote and describing this phrase in few pages with a story was awesome! Loved it! Comparison between fear and zombie. Describing how fear is kind of zombie,Awesome!

Fear is the zombie that pursues you, mindless, unrelenting, hungry.

Vindica by Ann Christy
Woaw, that was cool! My first zombie read! I love zombie movie and have wanted to read the books. My interest piqued by Ann's The in-betweener book, when I read it's excerpt but haven't read it yet but as soon as I finish this book, I'm going for it. This short story is related to that series, so a win win. I liked it a lot. I was holding my breath when they were leaving Vindicia. And there plan woaw I don't know what to say. It was short life for Vindicia.

Six Days by Theresa Kay
Damn and woaw. I loved it. It had bittersweet ending. Sarah has Six Days before she turns into a zombie but she have to try to be human as long as her son Benjamin is in right hands and safe. But will she able to find the safe for little Benny. Read to find out.

Kamika-Z by Christopher Boore
It was okay, in the beginning I didn't liked it but after POV of other characters and knowing their views, I started getting in the story. Well after that shit hit the fan. I liked the idea there being of cyborg zombies.

The Fall of the Percedus by Jennifer Foehner Wells
Freako! This was horrifying! Doomed! Loved it!! How science could go wrong and it's horrifying consequences. Even though you trying to do good and save the world it could lead to something terrible without bad intentions.

Z Ball by Will Swardstrom
The concept was freaking cool!! I loved it. It was a mix with dystopian genre. Football with a mix of zombies. I enjoyed out-of-the-box take on the zombie genre.
But I think I shouldn't have expected a HEA or close when I started the chronicles.

Gloria by Hugh Howey
Cool, liked it. Gloria is a zombie, the story is from her POV. She has conscience but can't control her hunger. What would you do if you was her and couldn't stop the instincts.

Her by David Adams
Nice liked it. Comparison of life of Diane how she was treated before and after being a zombie. Her sexuality didn't mattered when she became a zombie. As the people hate what she have become not who she was.

The Soulless: A History of Zombieism in Chiitai and Mihari Culture by Lesley Smith
Well it was interesting, liked it. It was sci-fi and mild horror mix for me. I liked 873e! Like the story, have to re-read sometimes as I jumbled up the names lol.

Hybrid by Geoffrey Wakeling
WoaW, speechless don't know what to say. I can imagine a type a dystopian era after the story finished. Freya well could be said was a survivor and will survive at any cost!

Free Fall by Peter Cawdron
I loved it! This is my fav story. A cool possibility not the apocalypse but an astronaut coming to earth finding a zombie apocalypse has taken place.

Girl, Running by Kris Holt
Really good, got to know everything in just a short story. Loved it!

The Sin Eater by Stacy Ericson
Well I didn't understood the meaning behind the story until I read what is sin eater and how it could be related to zombie in A word from author's section. We could perceive it like that.

The World After by Angela Cavanaugh
WoaW, this was really cool!! Loved it! Ella is strong minded.I loved how everything panned out. I just love the stories even with a little bit of dystopia, it is my go to genre.

Curing Khang Yeo by Deirdre Gould
This story has rendered me speechless. Wow, just think about getting cured after being a zombie, sound good? But what if you remember everything; the people you have killed, maybe your loved ones. Will you be able to live with yourselves, forgive yourselves when you could hear their scream, their faces etched with terror seeing you as the monster. Will being will be the blessing then or death sounds more of a blessing. I loved this and it was nice how it is place in the end as it is a perfect book to be in the end to go with a bang and this is my most fav in The Z Chronicles.

Really cool zombie reads in one place.
Got ARC of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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And also in end of each story there was A Word from Author section which I enjoyed very much. Getting to know what made the author think about the book just read. How the story came to be and their inspiration and what they wanted to convey through it. I love getting to know extra things about the book I like and love.