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New Release Awakening (Silverleaf Chronicles #2) by Vincent Trigili and Review

Awakening is the second episode in Silverleaf Chronicles. It topped my expectation. Wow the storyline and the writing is perfect! It reels you in and just feel shock it is over. I know it is short story and I'll finish reading an hour or so but it cease to exit when you are lost in the description and events occurring with new information and changing all you the things you have guessed could happen and getting you excited to think new possibilities. And the review of the first book is here

Title: The Wanderer (Silverleaf Chronicles #1)

Author: Vincent Trigili

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Silverleaf Chronicles



It cost him everything that he was, but Silverleaf accomplished what no dragonmaster before him could: he survived. Now he must take the secret of survival to Drac'nor--before the enemy kills him and the cure is lost forever. 

My Review 

Awakening (The Silverleaf Chronicles Book 2)Awakening by Vincent Trigili
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved it! I was thinking where the story line will head towards. I was skeptical what new twist the author will add to keep the story interesting. Well I'm happy, really happy and excited for the next book! Yup this book had a subtle twist which have made the story more interesting and intriguing! As I stated in my review of The Wanderer (#1 book in series) author Vincent Trigili's writing is descriptive! I love it, how all the scenes just come to life and flow smoothly.
Then I also stated this as well, I love when Silverleaf enters mad man phase. I like the child like thinking, well atleast for me. But I really enjoy to be in that phase.
I really loved the book, a def must read and I read it even being in reading slump. So yeah a really good read! Got ARC in exchange of an honest review.

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About the Author

Vincent, father and husband of nearly two decades, holds degrees in both Math and Computer Science. In addition, he has published an astronomy journal and anchored popular blogs, along with publishing numerous articles, poetry and other works.
He got his start in writing fiction as a small child, losing himself in the worlds he dreamed up in order to escape the doldrums of normal life. Now, using his formal education and extensive career experience, he excels in creating fictional worlds of depth and rich fantasy, while maintaining a foundation of reality based on science and technology.
The early books in the series take place in a futuristic universe that has recently been discovered by a medieval realm; later books in the series will take place in either realm, or perhaps a realm that has yet to be discovered.

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