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Review: Auto by Angela Cavanaugh

This is the second book I read by Angela and I enjoyed this as well and looking forward for more books from her. I'll post the first book by her tomorrow (I forgot to do that :P) So don't forget to check tomorrow because that book was really cool!
So Auto.... Check out the synopsis below to know more. It is a short story so I'm not going to tell much.


Title: Auto

Author: Angela Cavanaugh

Genre: Sci-fi 





**As originally published in The Future Chronicles: The A.I. Chronicles

Auto was the most advanced A.I. ever created. But when he learned about his backups, he began to wonder what exactly the self in self-aware might mean. When he fears for his existence, he escapes into the internet. And an intelligence built to learn, combined with a nearly endless amount of information, is a dangerous combination.  

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AutoAuto by Angela Cavanaugh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was awesome! I enjoyed it very much. We always think what will happen if an A.I. being is created, would it be boon or the opposite. It's unknown we will never know until it happens. But that plot is on sideline. The main plot line is about Auto the A.I. and him coming in this world and adapting. I liked it and my fav was Auto bi. You will know why once you read it. And the book is free right now if you didn't know. So go check it out!

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About the Author


Angela is a writer living in Los Angeles. She is a two time recipient of an Honorable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest. Her debut novel, Otherworlders, has been well received. She is a contributor to The Future Chronicles. She also publishes flash fiction regularly on her website. She has many upcoming projects, and is excited for the future.

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