Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Wattpad Wednesday: Falling For The Badboy By cloe_pretty11011

Falling for the Badboy by cloe_pretty11011 (Ash) is today's book and the one  I like very much. It is cute especially the second part. I really like this book very much. No I love it actually! And I know it's another Badboy book, kind of cliché but it is adorable. I'm not fan of the cover but whatever, the story matters the most. So check out the synopsis below.



Angie Traton moves to a new city after the death of her parents. Her cousin takes her in. It's the first day of school but everything goes downhill when she ends up in the middle of a fight. She is then introduced to the city's BadBoy. Jase Del-Rey Delsavio. His words are harsh and his looks are mean. Though he might not admit it, but the new girl has his attention. Not wanting to get caught up in love stories he ignore the attraction. Angie soon figures out that the BadBoy isn't as bad as everyone thinks. He's a puzzle and Angie wants to solve it. But being the BadBoy can have it's flaws. Will Jase be able to protect Angie from the ones who want to harm him, especially if his enemies want to go Far to hurt him.

These young lovers set out to overcome their differences. Love maybe blind but it's contagious. Will they get caught up in love too. Or will There be a heartbreak. Read how the miss goodie goodie gets caught up with the devil and falls in love the hard way.

Okay I guess the synopsis got my attention, I don't remember how I found the book. I'm glad I did. The second half just makes me grin really bad. I've this huge grin right now, really! I can't help but chuckle just thinking about the book! Okay so here is my fav line from my fav characters. And I'm not sure them to be exact so don't hold me on it. So here it is:

   "I wanna kiss the bride! I wanna kiss the bride!"

You can guess what it may be but you should check it out if you are on there. So until next Wednesday!