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Review: Zero Echo Shadow Prime by Peter Samet

I'm really lucky and happy I stumbled upon this book. This book is amazing! just Amazing. The writing is good and flowing and the fact it flowed smoothly when there was change in POV's. This is the first book of author Peter Samet, it had blown my mind and I can't wait to read his future works.

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Title: Zero Echo Shadow Prime

Author: Peter Samet

Genre: Sci-fi





The year is 2045. 18-year-old Charlie Nobunaga creates the world’s first sentient AI and becomes an overnight sensation. But amid the red carpet galas and TV interviews, Charlie is diagnosed with cancer, and her promising future grinds to a halt.

To save her life, an ambitious tech company uploads Charlie’s mind into the body of a cutting-edge robot. The procedure is a success, but with a horrifying catch. They create additional clones for their own ends.

Charlie wakes up four times as four distinct entities: a robot named PRIME, a holographic assistant named SHADOW, a mysterious four-armed killer named ECHO, and the original dying human renamed ZERO. Separated and imprisoned, each version of Charlie begins an arduous journey alone. But their paths soon intersect in surprising ways as they retaliate against the people determined to destroy them.

ZERO ECHO SHADOW PRIME is the story of one young woman who splits into four…and fights to become whole again.

And I found the following amazing illustrations on author Peter Samets site


the dying human


a four-armed killer


a holographic assistant

an advanced robot

My Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved the story!! I loved the title as well,actually that's what drew me in then the blurb and the cover; it's perfect!
The story hooked me from the beginning. And when Charlie saw how she could be save when she goes to place where the projects are working on, it reminded me of the scene from Resident Evil which got me more excited! (Cloning storage in the movie)
And I loved getting to know about different versions of Charlie. I love how a story comes together ;) (I love that quote, and I thought about it when I reached the near end of the book and tweaked it accordingly) Yes how all the things at first which felt wrong came together.
I highly recommend this book to sci-fi lovers. I'm looking forward to read next books in the series! I don't know about the next book but how things are, I'm excited with just thinking about it. And don't worry no cliffhanger but there always will be problems to solve.
Hope it doesn't take three years ( I read acknowledgements) *shrug* and author Peter Samet is working on the book.
Got the book in exchange of an honest review.

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About the Author


An unabashed geek, Peter is always searching for intelligence, whether it be artificial, extraterrestrial, or his own. He earned his storytelling chops at USC Film School, learned from the best at Pixar Animation Studios, and edited numerous indie films.
ZERO ECHO SHADOW PRIME is his first novel.

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