Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wattpad Wednesday: I'm The Geek Who Slapped A Football Player by Pearlie


I started reading I'm the Geek who slapped a Football Player by Pearlie last year. It captured my attention from the beginning. Clarisse is sarcastic nerd but mind she won't take shit from anybody. She is nasty lol and freaking funny. I started continuing where I left last year cuz it was not updated for a long time and I forgot about it. So I checked whether it may have been updated I was so freaking excited as there were few chapters that I've not read! And I freaking even remembered every character. I was shocked at myself cuz I usually forget the secondary character's name. So you check this humorous and entertaining read. A warning it is not complete so have to wait for the updates but they are worth it. And what it is about? Well as the title says she slapped a football player and the hilarious adventure starts. 



Clarisse Hornitt isn't your average geek. Sure she is smart, sure she doesn't dress like a typical teenage girl, yes she does wear glasses. But that doesn't make her weasly little nerd/dweeb who'll cover down and snivel. Hell no, she will whatever 's on her mind and then promptly whoop anyone's keister if they mess with her. Clarisse's temper get her into a little trouble. Maybe not little, judging by the size (which means physically and includes their ego) of the person she pisses off . Now, enemies with the 'unbeatable' she's got to ready herself for the intensity of his revenge and even bring the fight to him. And hell yes, she will bring it.


And yes you should check this poem: Eulogy to "I'm the Geek Who Slapped a Football Player"
written by Billy the Girl 
The poem blew my mind, it was freaking cool and totally summed up all the story in few lines.



Thursday, 24 September 2015

Stolen Empire Box Set Cover Reveal 


Introducing The Stolen Empire Trilogy Box Set

Stolen Empire Box Set

Releasing on Tuesday September 29th, you will be able to get ALL THREE of The Stolen Empire Novels, together in one amazing Box Set Edition!

Before she can become greatest empress in history, fifteen-year-old Sophie will have to survive her social-climbing mother's quest to put her on the throne of Russia--at any cost.
Imperial Court holds dangers like nothing Sophie has ever faced before. In the heart of St. Petersburg, surviving means navigating the political, romantic, and religious demands of the bitter Empress Elizabeth and her handsome, but sadistic nephew, Peter. Determined to save her impoverished family--and herself--Sophie vows to do whatever is necessary to thrive in her new surroundings. But an attempt on her life and an unexpected attraction threatens to derail her plans.
Alone in a new and dangerous world, learning who to trust and who to charm may mean the difference between becoming queen and being sent home in shame to marry her lecherous uncle. With traitors and murderers lurking around every corner, her very life hangs in the balance. Betrothed to one man but falling in love with another, Sophie will need to decide how much she's willing to sacrifice in order to become the empress she is destined to be.
In a battle for the soul of a nation, will love or destiny reign supreme?

No Cliffhangers, No Waiting, Read The Whole Story Together! 

About The Author

Sherry D. Ficklin is a full time writer from Colorado where she lives with her husband, four kids, two dogs, and a fluctuating number of chickens and house guests. A former military brat, she loves to travel and meet new people. She can often be found browsing her local bookstore with a large white hot chocolate in one hand and a towering stack of books in the other. That is, unless she’s on deadline at which time she, like the Loch Ness monster, is only seen in blurry photographs.
She is the author of several novels for teens and young adults and in her spare time she co-hosts the Pop Lit Divas Radio Show.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wattpad Wednesday: I Was Never Yours by JessGirl 93

I've not posted for a long time for Wattpad Wednesday. Wednesday's have not been good for me :( But I'll post regularly now.

 I Was Never Yours by JessGirl93 aka Blair Holden is one my fav in romances. It is must check out book on Wattpad. Blair Holden is amazing and one of my fav author on Wattpad. 


"You were forced upon me, you are a liability. I do not love you, I will never love you Arianna."

What happens when on the day of your sister's wedding she decides to leave the groom at the altar and  you're asked to marry your brother-in-law to be?

Join eighteen year old Arianna for a ride she'd never expected to go on. Join twenty-three year old  Zach for a marriage he had never  prepared himself for. Can these two put aside everything that went on in their past? Can Arianna forget her first true love? Can Zach ever see Arianna as anything but a replacement?


I've read the book like two times now. I just love it. It has all the drama you will enjoy. I'm fan of Blair because of The Bad Boy's Girl her most famous book which is another must read! Ari is just awesome! Really cool contemporary. One my friend is also love this book, she have just recently read it and asked me to read it lol! And I was like I've read the book, I love it! And we started fangirling and telling our other friends who read on Wattpad. If you like Romance Contemporary then you should definitely check this book out!


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Review: Be My Banshee by Joyce and Jim Lavene

So this is another book I read last week which I finished reading in one sitting. I love Joyce and Jim Lavene's books. There writing is simple and smooth. You just get into the book and you don't realize it. And they release one book every month which is awesome cuz I get to read them periodically. Read further to know more about the book.


Title: Be My Banshee

Author:  Joyce and Jim Lavene
Series: Purple Door Detective Agency #1



The Purple Door Detective Agency is hiring.
Those without magic need not apply.
Salary commensurate with experience.
Apply at the agency. No phone calls or psychic links.
Sunshine Merryweather is a young witch with a passion for colorful clothes and good food. She is the owner/operator of the Purple Door Detective Agency. Her partner, John, was brutally murdered three days ago, and she won’t stop until she finds his killer.
Aine is only interested in one thing when she walks into the building with the purple door–locating the last man alive in the branch of the O’Neill family she haunts as a beane sidhe. She has been asleep for 200 years in a ruined Irish castle and realizes that the world has moved on without her. She needs to find the O’Neill heir and encourage him to start a family or she will pass from existence when he dies.
Sunshine sees a potential partner when she looks at the powerful beane sidhe - they could be the next Dynamic Duo! But Aine isn’t interested in Sunshine’s schemes - until the witch agrees to help her locate O’Neill. Even then, it will be a short-term association at best from Aine’s point of view. She has no need of witchcraft.
Neither woman is aware of the danger they face as an ancient assassin stalks the old port city of Norfolk, Virginia. It will take more than simple witchcraft or beane sidhe magic to stop the killer. They will have to work together and combine their talents.
But can Sunshine and Aine put aside their differences to stop the murders without tearing each other apart?

My Review


Be My Banshee (Purple Door Detective Agency Book 1)Be My Banshee by Joyce Lavene
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved it!! When it started I wasn't sure it was going to be but I kept enjoying the book more and more as the story progressed.
The characters are all awesome especially Sunshine and Jane! Aine obviously the main character, I like her. I love the trio. And Jane's transforming, I adore her.
I'm really happy I guessed the villain. And also who Mr. Bad was!
I enjoyed the book! Light and fun read!
Got the book in exchange of an honest review.

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About Authors


Joyce Lavene and Jim Lavene are a wife and husband team who have written and published more than 70 books since 1999. They live in North Carolina with their family and enjoy cooking, photography and ghost hunting. 


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Monday, 21 September 2015

Review: Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter by Nikki Jefford

So last month and this half of September have been really busy. I didn't know College life would get this hectic with assignment submitions, projects and presentations. It was but alas everything is wrapped up now with only one project which will be over tomorrow. I'm really happy for the holidays from Thursday for
Ganesh Chaturthi. Cuz I read the heck out of those holidays :P I mean I read seven books in four days.... 
 Yup the heck of it lol! three of them were short stories so yeah four days four books. And also one more which I beta read. And one of them was Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter by Nikki Jefford.
 I'll be posting all the books reads this week!

 Check out the synopsis below for more deets.


Title: Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter

Author: Nikki Jefford

Series: Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #!



If there is one thing eighteen-year-old Aurora Sky wants, it's to get off the iceberg she calls home. Being kissed before she graduates wouldn't hurt either.

Then a near-fatal car wreck changes everything. Government agents step in and save Aurora's life in exchange for her services as a vampire hunter. In Alaska. Basically she's a glorified chew toy. All thanks to her rare blood type, which sends a vampire into temporary paralysis right before she has to finish the job... by hand.

Now Aurora's only friends are groupies of the undead and the only boy she can think about may very well be a vampire.

(Mature YA, new adult series that becomes progressively more mature. Underage drinking, sexual situations, mild language and blood sucking.)

My Review


Aurora Sky (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, #1)Aurora Sky by Nikki Jefford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was amazing!! I was intrigued and so thought to go for it! And I'm glad I did this cuz it was awesome! I loved the writing as it hooked me in the first chapter.
I like the first chapter as it showed Aurora's normal life before it changed. Then her transforming into a bad ass! Coool!!
My two fav characters are Dante and Jose love them both!! Fane is cool and I guess I forgot how many times his unsimilar lips were mentioned by Aurora lol!
It was fun, dark and witty. Aurora's thinking is witty which is why I liked her from the beginning!
Enjoyed this book very much and am excited for the series! Check it out cuz it was free when I got the book or you can check it on Wattpad.

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Amazon UK

Amazon Ca

About the Author

Nikki Jefford loves fictional bad boys and heroines who kick butt. Books, travel, TV series, hiking, writing and motorcycle riding are her favorite escapes. She loves meeting people from all walks of life, from all around the globe; and wouldn’t trade her French husband in for anyone – not even Spike! 
She’s a third generation Alaskan, born & raised in Anchorage, now living in Northern Washington. Crazy about her dog, Cosmo. (Writer’s best friend.) The dark side of human nature fascinates her, so long as it's balanced by humor and romance. Believes all animals, people and the planet should be treated kindly.
Her favorite TV heroines are Buffy, Veronica Mars, and Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan.

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Cover Reveal of The Only Shark In The Sea by DelSheree Gladden 

 The Only Shark In The Water's cover released today and I love it! The blue grayish hue looks amazing and it matches up with previous books in the series which is Date Shark series.  So now the cover! Drum roll please......

The Only Shark In The Sea

Title: The Only Shark In The Sea

Author: DelSheree Gladden

Series: Date Shark (#3)



Vance Sullivan has always been the rock everyone turns to for help…

His work with patients recovering from traumatic events makes him the perfect person to help his friend, Guy Saint Laurent, with one of his Date Shark appointments. When Vance meets hesitant, frightened Natalie Price, he suspects she’s hiding the truth behind her fears, and he’s drawn in by a need to help her.

Haunted by a terrible event from her past, Natalie can’t even endure being touched without suffering a crippling panic attack…

She doesn’t know why, but Natalie feels Vance might be the only one who can help her put the pieces of her life back together. Despite the tension their arrangement causes with his girlfriend, their bi-weekly sessions seem to be helping…as long as he keeps his promise not to push her to reveal more than she’s ready to share.
Suddenly the tables have turned…

When Vance suffers his own unspeakable tragedy, asking for help is the last thing he wants to do. Drowning in grief and guilt, crushed by betrayal and lies, Vance needs a lifeline.

Natalie has no idea why anyone thinks she can help him, given her own deep-rooted fears—but she knows she has to try.

A twisted notion of justice makes the danger all too real,
and Vance and Natalie realize it might take one broken soul to mend another…


Facebook's Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes 
  Ain't it gorgeous! 

But if you haven't read the  previous books in the series check both of them below. And if you want to know my thoughts about all the books or rather see me fan girling about this series click Here

Date Shark

22061217 Life as the marketing director for a popular fashion boutique is overwhelming for Leila Sparrow, to say the least.

She’s not sure what ever possessed her to add revamping her dating life to her already hectic schedule. Calling in renowned Date Shark, Eli Walsh seemed like a good idea until she actually met with him…

Date Shark was only meant to be a side-enterprise to his thriving couple’s therapy practice, but Eli Walsh knows it’s become more of an obsession.

At least, it was until he agreed to take on Leila. Somehow she has stolen his entire focus. He wants to admit his fascination with her and growing romantic interest, but he knows coming on too strong will scare her away.

His plan to convince her that she is worth any man’s interest by first being her friend is challenged when his tips start to pay off and Leila begins dating Luke.

Will his friendship with Leila mean the end to any romantic pursuit?


Get the book on following sites and it is FREE!!

AmazoniBooksBarnes & Noble

Shark Out Of Water
22729392Guy Saint Laurent is too busy cursing his sister for roping him into taking over Eli's Date Shark business to prepare himself for the slew of bizarre women he's about to get involved with. This is the last venture he intended to take on, but somehow he's just become Chicago's newest, most reluctant Date Shark.

On top of dealing with bug-toting, mothering, obsessive women, Guy faces personal tragedy that changes his outlook on life, whether he wants it to or not. He's not sure what it is about Charlotte Brooks that draws him in, but getting her off his mind after a brief encounter proves impossible.

As Charlotte tries to help Guy deal with his loss, he begins to get the impression she's hiding something from him. He knows he could simply walk away, continue as he always has, but he suspects whatever she's hiding, she won't be able to face it alone.

Charlotte is the one woman who can capture his attention, but she may also be the one woman capable of breaking him.


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About the Author

I was one of those shy, quiet kids who spent more time reading than talking. Literally. I didn’t speak a single word for the first three months of preschool, but I had already taught myself to read. My fascination with reading led to many hours spent in the library and bookstores, and eventually to writing. I wrote my first novel when I was sixteen years old, but spent ten years rewriting and perfecting it before having it published.
Native to New Mexico, my husband and I spent several years in Colorado for college and work before moving back home to be near family again. Our two children love having their seventeen cousins close by again. They also love having all the neighbor kids over to play, which has made our house the unofficial summer and after school hangout spot.
When not writing, you can find me out and about with my family or sneaking a few minutes for one of my many hobbies I never seem to have time for. I love reading (obviously), though I tend to stick to indie and small press authors more than mainstream books. I don’t do nearly enough painting and drawing, but I have a passion for art and I think kids really need a creative outlet to express themselves. I also enjoy sewing, though my dreams of becoming a fashion designer never really panned out. And for my day job… I spend my time trying not to get bitten by small children in my work as a dental hygienist.

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