Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wattpad Wednesday: I'm The Geek Who Slapped A Football Player by Pearlie


I started reading I'm the Geek who slapped a Football Player by Pearlie last year. It captured my attention from the beginning. Clarisse is sarcastic nerd but mind she won't take shit from anybody. She is nasty lol and freaking funny. I started continuing where I left last year cuz it was not updated for a long time and I forgot about it. So I checked whether it may have been updated I was so freaking excited as there were few chapters that I've not read! And I freaking even remembered every character. I was shocked at myself cuz I usually forget the secondary character's name. So you check this humorous and entertaining read. A warning it is not complete so have to wait for the updates but they are worth it. And what it is about? Well as the title says she slapped a football player and the hilarious adventure starts. 



Clarisse Hornitt isn't your average geek. Sure she is smart, sure she doesn't dress like a typical teenage girl, yes she does wear glasses. But that doesn't make her weasly little nerd/dweeb who'll cover down and snivel. Hell no, she will whatever 's on her mind and then promptly whoop anyone's keister if they mess with her. Clarisse's temper get her into a little trouble. Maybe not little, judging by the size (which means physically and includes their ego) of the person she pisses off . Now, enemies with the 'unbeatable' she's got to ready herself for the intensity of his revenge and even bring the fight to him. And hell yes, she will bring it.


And yes you should check this poem: Eulogy to "I'm the Geek Who Slapped a Football Player"
written by Billy the Girl 
The poem blew my mind, it was freaking cool and totally summed up all the story in few lines.