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Review: Ghost Host by DelSheree Gladden & Join it's Release Party

It's Halloween month! Even though we don't celebrate Halloween here in India but I couldn't help be in spirits of the month when every one is excited about it! So this month my tbr contains Halloween theme books. Ghost Host as from name comes in that category. It is releasing tomorrow 6th October 2015. Check out below to know more about the book and my review.


Title: Ghost Host

Author: DelSheree Gladden

Series: Ghost Host #1



Everyone thinks Echo Simmons is crazy, but being The Ghost Host isn’t just a YouTube hoax like people think. It’s the only way to control the ghosts haunting her…at least until the FBI shows up asking questions.

The first eighteen years of Echo Simmons’ life have been less than ideal. On more than one occasion her parents have considered committing her. They don’t believe she sees ghosts or that they harass her on a daily basis. So when a rogue ghost begins tormenting her, they’re the last people she’s going to tell. Her best friends Holden and Zara are doing their best to help, but ghost attacks are only the beginning of Echo’s problems.

Handling the ghosts by giving them a voice on YouTube through her webshow has been her saving grace—even if her parents think it’s all a hoax—but that gets a little complicated when the ghost of Madeline Crew reveals a little too much about her previous life and the FBI shows up at her door wanting to know how she gained access to long-buried government secrets.
It just keeps getting worse from there. Madeline’s message to her great grandson sparks a strange connection between Echo and Malachi, which leads to Georgia, secrets, mistakes, love, lies, and life changing revelations.


My Review

The Ghost HostThe Ghost Host by DelSheree Gladden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Ghost Host, it's freaking cool title! I enjoyed the book very much!!
Echo Simmons hosts ghosts on her show on youtube named Ghost Host. She sees ghosts (obvio :P) and they are good but there are also bad ones. The experiences with some of the ghosts had left Echo scared and made her trust less whether they be ghosts or people.
No one believes her, not even her parents. Just her friends Zara and Holden. Everything has been under control since she started The Ghost Host show but that goes down the drain when a rogue ghost starts harrowing Echo. She is confused and scared but there is a whole ball game that has happened and is happening which she don't have a clue about! And lets add FBI to it!
Ghosts, Cops and Echo, life wouldn't be uninteresting!

The plot had me hooked from the beginning and I read the whole book in one sitting! My fav character is Holden, how he takes care of Echo when her parents don't understands her. He is amazing! Then Archer, he is just freaking awesome, I love him! I just can't say much, there will be spoilers lol!
Beta read the book, got the copy in exchange of an honest review and these are my unbiased opinions. Looking forward for the next book!

My fav parah

Somehow, I always knew the people I saw hovering around looking aimless were ghosts, and it never really bothered me. Sometimes I talked to them when I was little. They never talked back. Sometimes they would play with me, though. My mom used to tell people what a good baby I was, how I never cried or fussed. She thought she had just lucked out with an easy first kid. Really, I always had someone standing over my crib smiling at me or making silly faces. Ghosts really seem to like being around babies for some reason.

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The book is releasing tomorrow. So there is Release party for the book: Ghosts and Romance Double Release Party And also the party is also for release of The Only Shark in the Sea ( Date Shark #3) by DelSheree, check out about the series Here
 Come and Join the party it will be fun!! There will be giveaways by many authors. Love getting to know more authors!
Pre-order the book below. Grab it cuz the book is on discount for $3.99

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Trailer of The Ghost Host


About DelSheree Gladden

I was one of those shy, quiet kids who spent more time reading than talking. Literally. I didn’t speak a single word for the first three months of preschool, but I had already taught myself to read. My fascination with reading led to many hours spent in the library and bookstores, and eventually to writing. I wrote my first novel when I was sixteen years old, but spent ten years rewriting and perfecting it before having it published.
Native to New Mexico, my husband and I spent several years in Colorado for college and work before moving back home to be near family again. Our two children love having their seventeen cousins close by again. They also love having all the neighbor kids over to play, which has made our house the unofficial summer and after school hangout spot.
When not writing, you can find me out and about with my family or sneaking a few minutes for one of my many hobbies I never seem to have time for. I love reading (obviously), though I tend to stick to indie and small press authors more than mainstream books. I don’t do nearly enough painting and drawing, but I have a passion for art and I think kids really need a creative outlet to express themselves. I also enjoy sewing, though my dreams of becoming a fashion designer never really panned out. And for my day job… I spend my time trying not to get bitten by small children in my work as a dental hygienist.



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