Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Wattpad Wednesday: Unrevealed Love by Dicov3r (Meg/Mae)

Unrevealed Love by Discov3r (Meg/Mae) is the only book on Wattpad about teen pregnancy I've read. And I don't know whether I'll read any but this is one I highly recommend story on Wattpad! And anyways I have not seen any other stories on this topic. I read this book like two years before when it was getting updated and I remember being sad when the epilogue. The author ended the book really well. It is one of my on Wattpad. It has heartbreak, drama, action. It is just amazingly written! And the name of the female main character Infinity Faith, it has nice ring to it ;) Check out the synopsis below to know more!

Unrevealed Love


Infinity Faith is a 17 year old teenager who had everything going for her. A loving boyfriend, a loving family, great friends, and a college scholarship. She had a carefree life until the day she takes the test that changes her life forever.
    Infinity learns she's pregnant and once she spills it on her 2 year boyfriend, he leaves her. Infinity is left heartbroken and lost. She doesn't know what to do or how to tell, but when she collids with Colton in a parking lot she finds intrest in this mysterious male. After weeks of dating will she tell Colton she's pregnant? Or keep it her own dirty little secret?
    Colton is your average 18 year old teenager, but with secrets. He needs a fresh start so when he meets Infinity, he takes the option to get to know her. Once they start talking he gets to know Infinity and starts falling for her. She's practially everything he wants in a girl. But when secrets start spilling they find out everything isn't perfect.


Click on the image or the title in orange to get to the page.  I highly recommend this book! Def check it out!