Saturday, 2 January 2016

Top Ten Books of 2015.....or Nineteen :P

Okay why nineteen? Well I couldn't decide just ten books. It's hard and took me time to come up this. Excuse why I didn't post it yesterday--- Was reading a book :D An acceptable excuse from a book nerd. So here are the top ten books that I read in 2015.
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On 10

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Posthumous is cool novella in this awesome world of Perfect Partners (PePr) world. Cool new AI series!
Sea of Despair is the second book in Donegal Sidhe series. Cute Leprechaun or just one, banshees and many more!

On 9

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Dead Girl Blues is my intro into mysteries and cozy-mysteries and cool book! 
Sherwood's End is the last book in Robbin' Hearts series and an amazing end to trilogy!

On 8

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 Solace and Transformed just makes me think too much and have just made a place in my heart with plot of solace and unique concept of Transformed.

On 7

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Silverleaf Chronicles is cool, the writing is what hooks you in and the story flows... A Must Read!
Zero Echo Shadow Prime was  the coolest and awesome sci-fi book. The concept and story thumbs up. 

On 6 

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 Scent of A Killer was the most awesome suspense and mystery novel. My fav!!
Twin Souls is awesome YA paranormal book!

On 5

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Crystal Deception is an amazing sci-fi which blends my two fav Will Smith movies I, Robot and Independence Day. 
The Future Chronicles is one of my top fav anthologies of The Chronicles I've read!

On 4

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 The Universe Builders is good middle grade read and just make you think if it could be true. And The 5th Wave, just thinking about if it could be true you don't wanna that to happen. So looking forward for the movie!

On 3

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The Five Kingdoms of Severi and The Treemakers just blew my mind cuz what I expected and what I got... I was content and excited to read other books by authors. 

On 2


Tasty Dragon Meat is an awesome tea time read. It is short story but so freaking awesome!
Dengeki Daisy is a manga which I'm really happy to stumble upon. Fun, mysterious and cute read!

On 1 


Anne of Green Gables is on top. This is the first classic I've read and am really happy! I picked it up cuz there was another book which has references to Anne of Green Gable. The best book I've read in 2015. Love it! If you haven't read it just pick it up! 

This are my fav books of 2015 and definitely all are A MUST READ! Check them all!