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Review: Look to the Stars by Catherine Wilson

I got out my slump, it was small. Other than reading I love taking book pics and that's why I'm more active on instagram than other social medias. Goodreads is second. I love browsing through bookstagram! Pictures of  Look to the Stars are below. The book has amazing cover!



Tucked away in the remote territory of Ashen, Penelope Brave lives an ordinary, sheltered life until the day her papa goes missing. No one seems intent on finding him but her, so she breaks the rules… and ends up changing her world. When strangers from the northern kingdom of Orien arrive with news of her papa, but at a price, Brave learns that even the quiet city of Ashen has its secrets—the darkest of which just might be her.

Forced to trust the help of Aras Renn, the arrogant and regrettably handsome guard from Orien, Brave soon finds that if she wants to see her papa again, she's going to have to face a past she never knew she left behind. Together, they're thrust into a world of magic, lies, and hidden truths as Brave discovers there's a deadly war brewing in the north. What she doesn’t know is the answer to each side's victory can be found in her heart…

Determined not to follow the destiny the stars have laid out for her, Brave sets out to make her own, embarking on a harrowing journey where she must decide what matters most. Love or blood?

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Look to the StarsLook to the Stars by Catherine Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

****3.5 stars****
Like it! Especially the characters. They are charming in their own ways, mostly Aras. Penelope Brave is sassy and funny! And banters between her and Aras just makes me adore them more.
The pace of the plot is slow. The journey through the forest dragged very much. I was waiting when they would get out of the forest. But the characters kept me going, as I said the banters are adorable.
But the end was cool and am intrigued to see what our Brave has to go through in Orien.
This is author Catherine Wilson's first book and I'm looking froward for more. I liked how the characters are written cuz I adore them. Ian, Darcy and Sarah along with our protagonists. Got the book in exchange of an honest review.

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About Author Catherine Wilson

Catherine Wilson has always had a passion for books, until one day, she got the crazy idea to write her own.  The youngest in her tightknit family, she grew up at the base of a mountain in rural North Georgia.  There she learned to climb trees, swing her way across creeks, and fight invisible foes.  All wonderful practice, she soon found, for creating an imaginary world of her own.    

Catherine currently lives in Georgia with her supportive husband and twin boys.  As a full time teacher and mother of two three-year-olds, she writes during nap time. When she's not writing, you can usually find her chasing her family around on their newest adventure.  Look to the Stars is her first novel.

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