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Review: The Story of Awkward and The Introvert's Tale (The Embrace Yourself Series) by R. K. Ryals

The Embrace Yourself Series books are the first books I read by R. K. Ryals. I read The Story of Awkward last month and I picked it up just because of the title cuz Awkward=Me and I enjoyed it very much and I knew this would not be last book by the I'd read. The writing style is smooth and flowing and plot is realistic with a touch of magic which I love. I seem to love everything :p
And then The Introvert's Tale made me love this series even more. They are stand alones and could be read in any order. It felt like the author was writing about me.

the story of AWKWARD



Title: The Story of Awkward
Series: The Embrace Yourself series #1
Author: R. K. Ryals


This story is ugly.
This story is complicated.
This story is emotional.
This story is tragic.

In short, this story is about being awkward.

Peregrine Storke is an artist with an odd sketchbook full of pictures she’s drawn since she was a child. It is a book full of strange sketches and awkward characters, for there is no better way to hide from bullying and life than to create a world of your own. With a stroke of her pencil, she has given life to a spectacled princess, a freckle-nosed king, a candy loving troll, a two-horned unicorn, and a graceless fairy.

At nineteen, Peregrine leaves her home, her sketchbook, and awkwardness behind. But what happens when something goes wrong in the world of Awkward? Trapped inside of her complex realm with the bully she thought to leave behind, Peregrine discovers there is nothing worse than falling for your own villain.

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The Story of AwkwardThe Story of Awkward by R.K. Ryals
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read The Story of Awkward because of the title as awkward=me. I went blind into the book and it surprised me cuz it wasn't how I thought it to be. It was more amazing than I thought which I made me fly through the book.
The tone and setting made me remember the movie Enchanted, which I adore. The adventure and the lessons and the growth of all the characters is cool and I connected with them.
The writing is smooth and kept me hooked from the beginnig which means from the acknowledgement and why R. K. Rylas wrote it. This is the first book by the author I read but am excited to like all of the other works.
Cool read! And I'm going to reccomend it to my cousin cuz she is the only other person who reads! And definitely to my friends!

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Title: An Introvert's Tale
Series: The Embrace Yourself series #2
Author: R. K. Ryals



What happens when you lose your self-control, when saying no suddenly becomes easier than saying yes?

Maia Parker is everyone's go-to girl. She's smart, kindhearted, and involved in every charity a graduating high school senior can be involved in. She's never been good at saying "no". Until now ...

Maia has always been better at observing life. Instead of confronting people, she avoids confrontation. She keeps a notebook with things she "should have said" scribbled between the things she must do.

Jackson Taylor is a quintessential free spirit and an adrenaline junkie. His philosophy: Let life take you where it leads. Take risks. Be daring. A skydiving instructor by day and a drag racer by night, he doesn't hold back, doesn't try, and he doesn't follow rules.

One summer. One disaster. An unbelievable romance. And suddenly Maia Parker isn't who everyone remembers. Suddenly, she's unable to stay silent ...

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An Introvert's Tale (The Embrace Yourself Series Book 2)An Introvert's Tale by R.K. Ryals
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I finished it in a day! I loved it! Even more than Awkward cuz I connected with Maia as we have kind of similar personalities. I liked the first book but this was more amazing.
The story is divided in three parts; the words that made into margins of her notebook, found by Jackson between the pages of her recovered notebook and the words that never made it into her notebook.
I liked how all the chapters started with these captions even in the previous book.
Maia's character growth and her coming of age journey was humorous, sad and with her discovering herself was amazing. The situations and plot felt realistic and I connected with the characters, which is very important for me to enjoy a book. And the writing is just amazing you just flow through the story.
In the beginning I thought this wouldn't have the magical that was in the first book but the R.K Ryals totally surprised me which is awesome!
Really cool and awesome and I just can't express it but this one is going to be close to my heart. Got a review copy in exchange of an honest review.

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I observe things and enjoy helping others, but I also love being alone. I love those peaceful moments when it's simply me, a bed, and a wall.
I think author is talking about me. (:P Okay that wasn't funny)

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair,” he deadpans. I fluff my blonde bob. “Sorry, I got a haircut.”
Lol! This was awesome!

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R.K. Ryals is the author of emotional and gripping young adult and new adult paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and fantasy. With a strong passion for charity and literacy, she works as a full time writer encouraging people to "share the love of reading one book at a time." An avid animal lover and self-proclaimed coffee-holic, R.K. Ryals was born in Jackson, Mississippi and makes her home in the Southern U.S. with her husband, her three daughters, a rescue dog named Oscar the Grouch, A Shitzsu named Tinkerbell, an OCD cat, and a coffee pot she honestly couldn't live without. Should she ever become the owner of a fire-breathing dragon (tame of course), her life would be complete.

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